Top 10 yoga tips for every beginner yogi

23 April 2020 0 Comments

Are you a beginner to Yoga? A mat and your breath is all you need!

If you want to be part of the big yoga community here are some yoga tips that can help you to enjoy the fullest of your practice! Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Yoga is not a solitary process. Yoga is an activity that unites all people.

The top 10 yoga tips for every beginner yogi.

  1. Listen to your body

Whether you know it or not, your body is speaking to you all day long, do not ignore this voice. Listen to it; your body is telling you on an ongoing basis what it needs to keep you healthy, comfortable, and happy. Our body, mind and spirit compose our whole being and we need to respect their needs equally.

  1. Respect your limits

Do not push yourself to do anything that feels dangerous or wrong for you. Yoga is a practice based in Ahimsa (the 1st of the 10 Yamas and Niyamas in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), the practice of non-harm. So be gentle and patience with yourself.

  1. Find the perfect teacher for you

Finding a good yoga teacher is not an easy thing. Try to find the one that inspires you and fulfill your needs. Your idea of what makes a good teacher may be different from the person next to you in the yoga class, so trust your instinct.

  1. Accept you’re a beginner

If you just started your yoga practice, tell your instructor that you are a new one. It is good to remember that being a beginner is okay. If you are still confused about the postures remember that you must give time to yourself.

  1. Go slowly

Be patient for the first few weeks of practice, and choose classes that are a little slower so you can get to grips with alignment and movements on the mat.

  1. Breathe

It might seem curious to hear, but most of us forget to breathe. If you find yourself in a challenging balancing posture, remind yourself to breathe! When we breath we send a message to the body and brain that everything is okay, and this helps to reduce stress levels.

  1. Focus on you and do not compare yourself with others

Remember that yoga is for everybody and Every Body. Focus on you and look inwards to your own progress. We are all different and everyone comes to yoga for a different reason. Forget about the pictures of yoga you may have seen before; your yoga practice is about you.

  1. Wear comfort clothes.

When attending a yoga class, ensure that your clothes are practical, comfortable and made of cotton or other natural fibers. You will be moving, stretching and twisting lot of times during your practice. That means that your yoga clothes should allow you to move freely and easily in all directions.

  1. When you go to a yoga studio, make sure you bring your own things.

Keep your yoga mat & equipment in a good condition, wiping them carefully after each session. Your personal mat reconnects you to practice and can lead you spontaneously to a state of calm. Even more, you can take it everywhere you go!

  1. Keep the benefits of yoga beyond the mat

A yoga practice is not just a physical exercise we can only do on the mat – it is a life-long process. Transfer the benefits of yoga, such as self-confidence, mindfulness, strength and presence to everyday life. Try to live yoga off the mat!

As some of you have already noticed and some will soon discover, the path of yoga is full of surprises. At the beginning, we feel stronger and healthier physically, but if we exercise regularly, the changes begin to occur at deeper levels.

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